Monica's phone rang, Sierra called Monica, Monica broke a piece off of her hair. Her shoe was placed in the shoe extender. The DWV clerk called her to schedule an appointment to take her drivers test. Monica's boyfriend Kyle called and Monica told him that he volunteered for the orphanage, Monica went down stairs and her dad told her she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to college. Monica went back upstairs and sierra called. Monica had a necklace on her, and she did not put the necklace up for prom, her doorbell rang and Liz a police officer was at the door. Liz advised the necklace was valuable Liz entered Monica's house. Liz asked for the necklace and a glass of water. Monica is a high school senior, allergic to nickel. Liz said what the heck is going on with your hair. Her boyfriend works for an orphanage. Monica went back upstairs to get dressed. meantime, Monica wants a ride to different places. pierce is entering from the back and he is looking for the necklace. Monica is in Liz car, and Liz is telling Monica not to touch the red button. Brando is the name of her car. Monica is running for prom queen. Water pool hotties pull up, and the guy's know Monica. Liz has a siren on her car. Monica tells Liz not to get out of the car. Liz tell the guy's to go back and pick up their trash and to get some hair cuts. Monica is in the mall trying to get something for prom queen